picture of Asli Musaoglu Arikan Asli Musaoglu Arikan Georgia State University Co-Chair

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Call for Participants

Submission deadline is August 15, 2011.

Call for Participants

Competitive Strategy IG: Junior Faculty and Paper Development Workshop

Saturday, November 5th, 2011 1:00-6:00pm

The Competitive Strategy Interest Group is offering a research focused junior faculty and paper development workshop at the 2011 Strategic Management Society meetings in Miami, Florida (USA). Although all members of the Competitive Strategy IG are invited to participate, preference will be given to junior faculty who defended their dissertations after September 2006.

This workshop will include panel discussions and breakout sessions. Senior faculty panels will discuss critical aspects of the research and publication process, ways to craft a successful research program, future directions in competitive strategy research, and other questions of concern for junior faculty. A breakout session will provide opportunities for participants to discuss and receive feedback on their work in an informal setting.

The co-chairs of the faculty panel are Asli Arikan (Georgia State) and Donald Hatfield (Virginia Tech). Five senior faculty participants (Gautam Ahuja, Laura Cardinal, Kyle Mayer, Anita McGahan, and Seung Ho Sam Park) have agreed to come already, one more will be announced shortly.

Please note that space will be limited in order to ensure a high level of interaction among all participants. In order to participate, individuals should email one five-page abstract proposal to Donald Hatfield (hatfield@vt.edu) by August 15, 2011 as attachment in a message with the header “Competitive Strategy Workshop Application”. In the body of this e-mail please include a statement committing to attend the workshop if accepted, permission to distribute submitted works to session participants, and a commitment to prepare a one-page review of other papers in your assigned breakout session.

Applicants will be informed by September 1, 2011 whether their proposal was accepted. The workshop organizers will group accepted proposals with others that are similar in topic and/or methodology and distribute them to conference participants. Prior to the workshop, participants in each group will prepare written comments and feedback on the other papers in their group. They will exchange feedback during the paper development portion of the workshop, with each group's discussion being facilitated by one or more experienced scholar(s) familiar with the topic or method in question.

Competitive Strategy Junior Faculty and Paper Development Workshop Timeline

August 15, 2011
Submission Deadline for Application
September 1, 2011
Accepted Participants Notified
November 5, 2011
CS Junior Faculty and Paper Dev. Workshop
November 6-9, 2011
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