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Strategy Process/Strategy Practice Workshop

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Strategy Process and Strategy Practice Interest Groups are co-organizing a Workshop on Saturday, November 5, 2011 at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. This workshop is comprised of four distinct panels that reflect on and discuss cognition.

The first panel focuses on Cognition and Strategy Process and is chaired by Pamela Barr. The panelists include Sarah Kaplan, V.K. Narayanan, and Rhonda Reger. The second panel will center on Cognition and Strategic Decision-Making. The panel chair, Catherine Maritan is joined by panelists Stefano Brusoni, Daniella Laureiro-Martínez, Moshe Farjoun, and Giovanni Gavetti. Following a break for lunch, the Workshop will continue with a panel on Cognition and Organizational Capability Evolution. Chaired by Moshe Farjoun, the three panelists will be Patrick Regnér, Mary Tripsas, and Maurizio Zollo. The highlighted final panel will consists of four top level executives’ presentation and reflection on unsolved strategic issues. Drew Chesler, Chief Executive Officer of iDesk Solutions, Tony Farinella, Executive Director of St. Anne’s Nursing Centre & Residence, Craig McQueen, Commander of the Community Relations Section of the Miami Police Department, and Mark North, President and CEO of Espirito Santo Bank will be the panelists for the fourth panel.

If you are interested in attending the Strategy Process/Strategy Practice Workshop, click here to indicate your interest.

10:00 - 11:15
Opening Panel: Cognition and Strategy Processes

During the past decade research on managerial and organization cognition has attracted increasing attention among strategy researchers. Our first panel opens up the workshop by featuring some of the most influential scholars of the field addressing three topic areas: (1) Contributions of cognition research to the strategy process research, (2) major challenges of strategy process and practice research and how cognition research could be used to alleviate them, and (3) the most promising intersections of the two research streams and some of the most exciting future research avenues to explore.

Panel Chair: Pamela Barr, Georgia State University
Sarah Kaplan, University of Toronto
V.K. Narayanan, Drexel University
Rhonda Reger, University of Maryland

11:30 - 13:00
Panel: Cognition and Strategic Decision-Making

There has been an increasing interest in the cognitive microfoundations of strategic decision-making. There have also been interesting results emerging from the application of neurosciences to study strategic decision-making. This panel reflects on the developments of the field and what would be the ways to further enhance our understanding of the cognitive decision-making processes underlying major strategic decisions.

Panel Chair: Catherine Maritan, Syracuse University
Stefano Brusoni, ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
Moshe Farjoun, York University
Giovanni Gavetti, Harvard University
Daniella Laureiro-Martínez, ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

13:00 - 14:00
14:00 - 15:15
Panel: Cognition and Organizational Capability Evolution

Managerial and organizational cognition play an important role in the evolution of capabilities. Sensing is regarded as an important aspect of dynamic capabilities and there is an increasing amount of evidence of how the evolutionary patterns of organizations are shaped by beliefs and organizational attention allocation dynamics. This panel takes stock of what have we learned so far and what are some of the main unanswered questions.

Panel Chair: Moshe Farjoun, York University
Patrick Regnér, Stockholm School of Economics
Mary Tripsas, Harvard University
Maurizio Zollo, Bocconi University

15:30 - 17:00
Panel: Cognition in Practice - Cognitions of Top Level Executives: Unsolved Strategic Issues

In this interactive closing session, top level executives introduce some of their most pressing unsolved strategic issues and challenges to pre-conference workshop participants in a rotating small groups discussion format. Participants are encouraged to bring along cutting edge research to engage with these executives to help address their "unsolved strategic issues". The session closes with reflections on strategy research and the strategic challenges facing executives.

Panel Chair: Robert Wright, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Drew Chesler, Chief Executive Officer, iDesk Solutions
Tony Farinella, Executive Director, St. Anne’s Nursing Centre & Residence
Craig E. McQueen, Commander, Community Relations Section, Miami Police Department
Mark North, President & Chief Executive Officer, Espirito Santo Bank

UNSOLVED STRATEGIC ISSUE: Drew Chesler, Chief Executive Officer, iDesk Solutions

Capital Formation - how to fund the initial round of $USD 4.5 million in equity to achieve the initial market penetration (for a start-up company) and in doing so, how much of the company to give away. http://www.idesksolutions.com/

UNSOLVED STRATEGIC ISSUE: Tony Farinella, Executive Director, St. Anne's Nursing Centre & Residence

Re-hospitalizations in the post-acute care industry - Starting 2012, the health care industry will be penalized for re-hospitalizations that occur within 30 days of discharge. The reduction in payment will affect the hospitals, physicians and post-acute care providers. How do we deal with this? http://www.chsfla.com/skilled-nursing/catholic-health-services.aspx?nd=73

UNSOLVED STRATEGIC ISSUE: Craig McQueen, Commander, Community Relations Section, Miami Police Department

Community Involvement in certain ethic neighborhoods as it relates to violent crimes. How to get the public to report crimes when they witness them happening? The Miami Police Department has a difficult time getting the public to help. People just don't report crimes they see, but they do ring in if a cat is caught up in a tree! http://www.miami-police.org/community_relations.html

UNSOLVED STRATEGIC ISSUE: Mark North, President & Chief Executive Officer, Espirito Santo Bank

Does it really make a difference if we take the extra steps possible through the use of social media, building on the personal approach model that already exists, in terms of increasing client satisfaction and increasing the client base? http://www.esbf.com/home

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