picture of Jose de la Torre Jose de la Torre Florida International University Program Chair

picture of Aya Chacar Aya Chacar Florida International University Associate Program Chair

Welcome From The Program Chairs

Dear Colleagues:

The Strategic Management Society meeting will be in Miami, an excellent venue for discussing and learning about strategies in a multi-polar world. Miami is clearly a city of the new world. Barely in existence 50 years ago, it has been transformed by wave after wave of migration. Today, over 50 percent of its inhabitants were born outside of the United States. Its principal industries—tourism, entertainment, private banking, logistics, health care, transportation—are all largely international in scope, and dependent to a large extent on emerging markets. South Florida serves as headquarters for Latin American operations for over 750 corporations. Hence, Miami provides a suitable background to examine how the growing importance of emerging markets will impact the corporate strategy of “traditional” multinationals. We will also explore the impact that new competitors, forged in these “alien” but increasingly attractive environments, will have on traditional corporations based in the old industrial countries. We will also examine the role that institutions play, both as harbingers of competitive forces as well as guardians of the system, stimulating certain competitive behaviors while discouraging others, and favoring national players in a global world.

Miami is also the city of sun and fun. We look forward to your submissions to the program, and to welcoming you here.


Jose de la Torre Florida International University

Aya Chacar Florida International University

Strategic Management Society